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Motor Insurance - Seminar

IRDA - Motor Insurance - Seminar
Start Date:09 Jan 2010   
The seminar was organised by IRDA in collaboration with Federation of Consumer Association, West Bengal, a vibrant apex body of about 200 affiliated consumer organisations in West Bengal. The inaugural keynote address of the seminar was by Mr. TV Rao, Deputy Director, IRDA. Mr Rao emphasized on the need for Consumer Education, Consumer Empowerment through Financial Literacy and the initiatives undertaken by IRDA for protection of policyholders including the specific regulations applicable at various life stages of the insurance policy. Several issues like coverage of pre-existing illness, efficiency of TPA Services and justification in charging the extra premium for TPA costs, whether IRDA can facilitate comparison of product of insurer, availability of contract details of grievance redressal officers of various insurers and how to get relief under mis-selling category in case of Life Insurance Unit Linked Sales were discussed by various participants during the seminar.
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