Report on Semianrs 2013-14
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Report on Semianrs 2013-14

IRDA - Report on Semianrs 2013-14
One day seminar on ‘Health Insurance’ was organised by Gram VikasParishad on 18th February, 2014 at Nagaon (Assam).  There were 180-200 participants in the seminar.
Dr Abu Hanifa, Senior Journalist inaugurated the seminar.  He expressed his views about insurance and hardships of claim procedures.  Smt.Eliza Ahmed, President of Gram Vikas Parishad said in her speech the contents of the policy are printed in small size of fonts, which are not easily readable by policyholders.  She urged to rectify the same by all insurers so that policyholder can read it and understand it properly.  Shri Sirajuddin Ahmed, General Secretary, Gram Vikas Parishad in his welcome address explained the significance of the seminar and importance of insurance.
The first session on ‘Requirement of Health Insurance Policy’ was handledby Shri Hemanta Talukar, SBI Life Insurance, who described about importance of Health Insurance for human being.   Shri Bikas Bora, ICICI Lombard and Shri Pranjal Hazarika, TATA AIG were speakers and described the features of standardization of Health Insurance Policies by Insurance Company.  The session on ‘Specific initiatives for senior citizens’ was handled by Shri Talukya Sarmah and Shri Pradeep Das, Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. gave the details of the initiatives taken in Health Insurance for senior citizens.  Shri Ridip Baparnash and Shri Debajit Goswami, HDFC Bank, handled the session related to ‘Claim procedure and the role of Third Party Administrator’.  
In the last session, Smt. KGPL Rama Devi, Deputy Director, IRDA, made a presentation and described the benefits of Health Insurance.  She cautioned the people to go through the terms and conditions before buying any policy. She also informed about the policyholders’ protection initiatives taken IRDA and Grievance Redressal Mechanism available to policyholders. The documentary film, animation films and virtual tours relating to IGCC,IGMS and Consumer Education Website were also shown to the participants.  It was evident that there was a sense of relief amongst the participants to know about the presence of IRDA as aregulator above insurance companies in resolving their grievances againstinsurers as they have not heard much about the IRDA and its role.   All the speakers of the first four sessions shared the information about insurance in the local language i.e. Assamese. 

IRDA’s Consumer Education Material was distributed among the participants during the seminar.

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