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27 Jul 2020   Spurious Calls and Fictitious offers  Public Notice on Spurious Callers , Fictitious and Fraudulent Offers   25 Jun 2020   Guidelines on Short Term Health policies for Covid-19  Guidelines on the introduction of short term health insurance policies providing coverage for COVI...   25 Jun 2020   Guidelines on Public Disclosures by Insurers  Guidelines on Public Disclosures by Insurers on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of the...   25 Jun 2020   Standards for Hospitals in the Provider Network  Standards for hospitals in the provider network- Disclosure of Quality Parameters   25 Jun 2020   Master Circular on Motor Insurance Products  Master Circular on Recent Developments in Motor Insurance Products.   25 Jun 2020   List of Corporate Agents  List of Corporate Agents as on 31.05.2020   25 Jun 2020   Legal Entity Identifier Code  Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Code   25 Jun 2020   Regulatory Sandbox- 3rd Tranche  3rd Tranche of approvals under the Regulatory Sandbox   25 Jun 2020   Consolidated Regulations  Consolidated Regulations for the benefit of all regulated entities.   25 Jun 2020   Insurance Brokers List  Insurance Brokers List as on 03rd June, 2020  
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